Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Marty passed his PRAXIS test!!!!! Woooohoooo! We are so proud and excited for him! He is one step closer to becoming a teacher! He had the opportunity to teach a class of first graders this semester and LOVED it! They loved him too, he got a TON of "We'll miss you Mr. Van" cards! Gotta love first graders! Can I switch????

Monday, December 6, 2010

Boy #1

Happy Birthday Harry! We are sooooo blessed to have you in our family! It has been 11 great years... and here are the reasons we love you!
 11.  Football Moves- despite the fact that you have never actually been on a team, your passion for the sport and the cool moves, keep us grinning! I KNOW that you have already created a touchdown dance! I'm sure it ROCKS! P.S. We also love the fact that you cheer for any team that we are NOT cheering for (except of course, the U!)

10. Bulldog- You are so good at getting what you want! Your mind is working a million miles a minute, trying to figure out the best way! Such tenacity will serve you well! :)

9. Cartoons- You still love a good cartoon! Nothing much better than watching you watch Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry.

8. Passion- When you love something, you LOVE it! There is nothing half-way about you son. You will give your heart and soul to anything you believe in.. such a gift!

7. Animals- You love animals... since you were a little baby. Its gone from dinosaurs, to dogs, to cats, to lizards to creepy stuff in general. When you were little you wanted to work at the zoo! Discovery channel is WAY fun to watch with you.

6. Snuggles- We treasure every quiet moment that we share with you. Often we will find you hanging out in the kitchen, just to be near. I love that you will still hold my hand, will sit by me in church, and will go to the store with me. Thanks buddy!

5. Confidence- You are so smart and sure of yourself! It takes a LOT of rock solid evidence to convince you of something. It is fun to watch your mind work through those conundrums... you always make it work, one way or another!

4. Spirit- You have such a clear, true spirit. Even with a million things going on in your head, you are still able to hear the still small voice, act on it, and share with me. And more often than not, the whisper of the Spirit is enough rock solid evidence for you. Thank you.

3. Your help- You have become such a great helper! I am honestly not quite sure what I would do at church without you! I know that as the oldest kid, you have a lot of responsibility, and that it doesn't always seem fair. And I know that I am often giving you 10 things to do at once. But your help is really the factor that can turn any stressful situation into an easy one! Thank you so much son!

2. Harry Potter- We do love a good Harry Potter don't we son?!! Sharing that book series and the movies with you has been one of the highlights of my life. I love your insight, your enthusiasm, and the fact that I have found a kindred spirit to share it with!

1. Books- We ALL love that you love books! Whenever it gets quiet, we know exactly where to find you, curled up in a corner somewhere reading your latest book! Its hard to keep you entertained when you don't  have a good book! We hope you will keep reading and thinking and learning, for the rest of your life!