Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fred by the Numbers

June 28
1- interrupted nap
1- fall from a window (above the garage)
1- landing on a driveway
1- daddy's blessing
2- ambulance rides (to Mckay Dee and then to Primaries)
2- trauma teams, ready and waiting in emergency rooms
5- doctors
6- EMT dudes
1- CT scan
9- Xrays
1-nurse to hold his head still
8- hours of exams
2- freaked out parents
???- freaked out loved ones, neighbors (THANKS for the help and prayers! We needed them ALL!)
3- brothers who got treated to Wendy's (thanks Hallidays!)
1- magic bag from Aunty Nana (full of treats)
1- trip to Provo with Aunty Kahi and Uncle Mike
1- giggle for Uncle Matt's visit to the ER
3- bruises (ribs, hip, bum)
2- scratches on the back
9-lives (or angels, assigned to keep him safe) 
1- miraculous safe baby

June 29-July 5
1- bump on the head from a flowerpot
1- fall down the stairs on his bum
2- hours of rough breathing (don't worry no turning blue)
1- scrape on the knee
1- spider bite
1- doctors visit
1- xray (yes again)
3- escapes out the front door
1-frazzled mom

love to all! hawaii, here we come! :)