Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fred by the Numbers

June 28
1- interrupted nap
1- fall from a window (above the garage)
1- landing on a driveway
1- daddy's blessing
2- ambulance rides (to Mckay Dee and then to Primaries)
2- trauma teams, ready and waiting in emergency rooms
5- doctors
6- EMT dudes
1- CT scan
9- Xrays
1-nurse to hold his head still
8- hours of exams
2- freaked out parents
???- freaked out loved ones, neighbors (THANKS for the help and prayers! We needed them ALL!)
3- brothers who got treated to Wendy's (thanks Hallidays!)
1- magic bag from Aunty Nana (full of treats)
1- trip to Provo with Aunty Kahi and Uncle Mike
1- giggle for Uncle Matt's visit to the ER
3- bruises (ribs, hip, bum)
2- scratches on the back
9-lives (or angels, assigned to keep him safe) 
1- miraculous safe baby

June 29-July 5
1- bump on the head from a flowerpot
1- fall down the stairs on his bum
2- hours of rough breathing (don't worry no turning blue)
1- scrape on the knee
1- spider bite
1- doctors visit
1- xray (yes again)
3- escapes out the front door
1-frazzled mom

love to all! hawaii, here we come! :)


  1. That is awesome! I don't mean the HELL that your sweet Fred put you through... BUT to see it all down like that is well, AWESOME. It is awe inspiring that your sweet boy is alive at all. Love you guys. Can't wait to play in Hawaii!

  2. Oh, my! He IS a tornado or hurricane (or whatever his nickname stands for). Have fun in Hawaii!!!!