Thursday, May 19, 2011


I had an awesome talk with Hinu the other morning. Several times in the last couple of months, he has asked me to buy him things (like books) and then he will pay me back later. He does a great job of paying me back, but I was starting to worry that he was falling into the "credit trap" of buy now, pay later. He asked me again yesterday, to buy him a book on sale and he would pay me back. I started to explain to him about debt and then realized that he would need more from me than just a lecture. So, I explained to him that one of my greatest regrets in life was running up debt. When BYUman and I got engaged, I owed several thousand dollars in credit debt, and I was humbled and forever grateful that he was willing to love me and marry me in spite of the AWESOME wedding present I was giving him... debt. My debt days are not yet over, but it is one of the wishes of my heart... that I had never started with debt, and that I will be able to pay it off. My beautiful son listened to my story and before I was even done and getting to the "moral of it" part, he smiled at me, gave me a hug and said "I understand Mom". What a gift. I did make him a deal that if he would earn the money for the sale price of the book, I would make up the difference. But he already understood and accepted my words and so I felt OK to offer him that small gift in return.

I have seen him grow and mature in numerous ways this past year. When his Aunty Hanu was here, she taught him that he needed to start preparing to receive the priesthood. What a great lesson for me as a mother, and for my son who took her words to heart. She was such a gift during BYUman's illness... she gave my children the love and attention they were desperately missing. She told me later

"i was so impressed with hinu and how he stepped up and never complained and i LOVED just hanging out with him on saturday-he is so fun!" I totally agree.

The debts I will owe people are too many too count.... when I stop to count my blessings, I am truly overwhelmed. Especially with BYUman's illness, but that's a WHOLE other post. Love you all!

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  1. I love your posts! What a great story--believe it or not, I remember you telling that story during a relief society lesson many years ago!

    By the way, is the illness completely gone? Is life back to normal? (Whatever normal is!)