Monday, May 16, 2011


So I have been thinking a lot about how to protect my children. My favorite scripture is in Alma where it talks about Moroni building defenses... he digs a trench, builds earthworks, puts a fence above that, builds a tower and then puts people in the tower to warn the city. Dude is not messing around! I get that part, and I am slowly working at our defenses. But I wonder about those families that seem to be doing everything right, and yet their children go astray as they grow up. That idea terrifies me, as I am sure it does everybody else. I was listening to my sister Hanu talk about the "graduation party" that they threw for her husband Dave, who has just finished his Masters (Congrats Bro!!!), and it occurred to me that maybe one of the defenses is fun. We have been counseled to have FHE and activities and spend time with our families, but what if one of the keys is to HAVE FUN as a family? I'm guessing that it doesn't have to be expensive, but there should be a lot of laughter and goofiness and adventure and fun. And THEN if your kids resent the fact that you are strict, that resentment can be mitigated by the fun. I'm not very good at fun, I'm not creative like that, but I am sure I could learn right? Its not brain surgery... I can have fun. I'm sure I can! :) Right??? What do you think? Is that part of the formula for defending our families?

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