Thursday, May 5, 2011


Fred has been a TOTAL adventure these last couple of weeks. On Sunday, he learned to climb out of his crib. On Monday he went to potty all by himself (true story)! On Sunday, we also had a near catastrophe. BYUman and I were sleeping downstairs (terrible parents!) and the boys were playing upstairs. Fred found the toilet bowl cleaner which had been left on a counter, and left open. Without being there to witness the event, it seems that he was pouring the pretty blue liquid on the bathroom floor, and then fell face first into it. His older brother, Ron, heard him crying and walked in to find his face covered in the cleaner. He quickly (without any direction) wiped it all Fred's face, carefully wiping it out of his mouth, and then gave him a drink of water. The cleaner is very caustic and could've done a lot of damage to Fred, but I know there were angels watching him. By the time Ron came to get us, I threw Fred in the shower and then we coaxed him in to taking a bottle and then called Poison Control. We told them what happened, and what Ron did, and the lady told us that Ron did everything right. Fred is totally fine. I am so grateful for Ron being able to listen to the Spirit, and for the angels that watch over my children every day.


  1. Oh my gosh! So scary! Ron did such a great job, thank goodness for wonderful big brothers.

    It was so nice to catch up with you last night. Miss you and love you and those cute boys!

  2. You deserve some protection (& less stress).

  3. What happened to the Hurricane post? I was so ready to comment!